Why is a good headshot so important?

March 9, 2016 . 3 minute read | Posted by Dvora insurance-websites

A picture says 1000 words. This is especially true on your website, your business Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and anywhere else online clients and prospects will see your picture. So, if your photo looks less than professional, think again about using it.

Yes, clients, prospects and for that matter, most of us tend to pick “pretty” people based on left-right symmetry of facial features and other superficial traits. While things like that may be out of your control, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve your appearance. Let’s focus on the things we can control.

Make sure you’re approachable

Maybe you’ve been in the business for years. Or, you’re a new agent starting out. Either way, an expression we think is “serious” someone else sees as “unwelcoming”. As you begin to network and build your online presence, you picture is going to be found across multiple platforms, from your website to your Facebook page. Do you really want clients and prospects to see you frowning?

People need to see a real expression. One that says “I’m a professional” while also inviting confidence and trust. So smile. Remember, this is the picture that will be seen across the Internet.

A picture may be worth many words, but having more pictures can tell a more complete story. If permitted, add more images to your profile. An image of you, one with your family, or maybe even one with a client. People want to know who you are and adding extra photos where appropriate is a good idea.

Put yourself in focus

When selecting the photo to use for your profiles and website, consider the context of the picture. Look what’s around you and behind you. Are there other things in the picture that distract from your smile? Some things to watch out for:

  • The edge of another person is still visible after most of them is cropped out
  • Other peoples’ faces are visible in the background
  • There is activity, color, or visible detail behind you

Make sure the other elements in your photo don’t take the focus away from you. No matter how great your hair or smile looks in a picture, choose a different picture if you are competing with something in the background.

Spend the money on a professional photo

It’s so easy to take a selfie with your phone for your profile photo. But is that really the best you can do? Take the time to have a photographer take your photo in both business attire and in more casual clothing. Then, you can decide which is best suited to your profile. For example, on LinkedIn, most people still use photos in business attire but that isn’t necessarily the case on Facebook.

Also, when you get a professional photo taken, the photographer will put you in the best light!

That’s not to say you shouldn’t post photos you’ve taken with your smart phone. If you participate in a fundraiser or some other event that will be of interest to your audience, go ahead and post them to Facebook. Remember this is a great way to reinforce your reputation online.