How quickly should you respond to an insurance lead via email?

November 25, 2015 . 3 minute read | Posted by Dvora leadsemail

Your new insurance website is live and people are visiting your site. On each page of your site, prospects have the opportunity to email you with their contact information, a question or a request. This might be an existing customer, a prospect you’ve been talking with, or a new insurance lead. When you get this email do you:

  1. Reply immediately,
  2. Let it sit until you finish what you’re doing
  3. Ignore it because it’s the weekend

Respond Within 24 Hours

Responding to an email within 24 hours is a good practice. Responding sooner is even better because:

  1. Prospects and customers will know that they are important to you
  2. Their questions are reaching the right person
  3. They are being addressed right away and
  4. There is less of a chance they will go to another insurance agent.

If a question or concern is negative or strongly worded, you might want to give them a call instead of sending an email. In this kind of situation, just hearing a human voice can help clients feel respected.

Should you use an auto responder?

While some people and companies use auto responders to quickly acknowledge they received the emails, consider send a personalized email. It can be a quick email to let your prospects know that you will get back to them with a more detailed answer or phone call within 24 hours.

Definitely, set up your auto responder for the weekend or if you are going on vacation. Make sure that your customers and prospects understand that you or someone in your office will get back to them as soon as possible.

Thank your customer for the email

When a prospect or customer takes the time to send an email, it means he or she is giving you the opportunity to build a new relationship or reinforce an existing relationship. Make it clear that whatever the nature of the email, the prospect or customer is valuable and you will find a way to help them get the answers they need.

AgentMethods helps with real time Thank You message

When a visitor to your AgentMethods insurance websites sends you a message through your site, they will receive a thank you message right away. This message simply states that you will get back to them shortly, which gives you the time you need to get back to them within 24 hours.

If you would like help customizing this message you can reach us at or give us a call at 1-800-683-0107.