Infographic: Whole vs Term Insurance and Pay Per Click

October 13, 2015 . 1 minute read | Posted by Aaron infographicsppclife-insurance

Want to generate leads cost-effectively?

We've already seen how much medicare lead costs can vary by state if you are using pay-per-click to generate traffic. In Part II of our infographic series, we're looking at life insurance. It terms out that not only do life insurance pay-per-click costs vary by state, which product is most cost effective varies as well. In some states, you'll find that term life insurance is best, while in others you may be better off generating leads for whole life insurance.

To help you identify which states and products you should focus on (and which states you should stay away from), we've gathered the data and summed it up in a easy-to-understand infographic.. View the insurance infographic now.