You have a new insurance website. Now what?

August 11, 2015 . 4 minute read | Posted by Dvora websites

5 simple steps to promoting your insurance website

For many agents with new or existing insurance websites, the first question they ask us is “how do I make sure that my clients and prospects will find my insurance website?” Sound familiar?

Here are five simple steps to promote your website.

Number 1: As always, Content is King!

AgentMethods provides you with an extensive library of insurance-related content for you to use to quickly fill out your site and present a professional image to your customers and prospects. We recommend that you personalize the content to your specific audience and insurance products, which can be a retiree in Texas or a young couple buying their first home in Nebraska so that the content on your websites needs to be

  • Specific to your audience and
  • focused on your geography

In the long run this will also give you an edge on SEO. Additionally, consider adding custom “feature” content on key topics to your site. Add custom content for insurance phrases that are especially important to you.

Number 2: Online Local directories

In today’s world, most people search online to find insurance agents to help them address a need. Add your site to online directories so that prospects will find you and to improve your site’s SEO. When submitting your site, make sure to include important details about yourself, your business and location so that your website will appear in sub-tags where new and potential clients can easily find you.

Here are a several directories

Number 3: Add a clickable link on your email signature

Make sure that you include your website url and that it shows up as a link people can click on in your email signature. As with your phone number, you want to make it easy for your prospects to get to your website to learn more about you. Often, your email will get forwarded by your customers to referrals.

Number 4: Let people know about your insurance website

Send an email letting your clients and prospects know that you have a new insurance website. Ask them for feedback and let them know that you will be adding new content to your website, so they should bookmark the url so that it’s easy to visit the site on a regular basis. Keep it short and sweet! Here’s an example – feel free to use this or modify as needed.

Dear ___,

I’m always looking for new ways to help my customers stay educated and informed around their insurance needs. With this in mind, I just launched a new website. It’s full of useful information on ways insurance can protect you and your family.

Take a minute to visit my site, and then let me know what you think? I’m especially interested in what kinds of articles you would like to read on my site.

Visit my site now at

All the best,


P.S. – Please let me know if you have any questions about insurance! I’m always happy to help.

Number 5: Use social media

Social media is more than just a trend or a place to post family photos. Today, it’s a required business marketing tool. Use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to start sharing valuable content from your website. And, if you use AgentMethods social, you have an easy way to keep your social media profiles fresh so there’s always something that will engage your prospects.

One last thing to consider

Be patient! Building your online presence takes time. Just keep in mind how many insurance websites are out there. Launching a new site may seem like a thankless effort but if you stick to it, you will begin to see increased traffic to your site, which will result in an increasing number of prospects. So, stick to it!