Are you dropping the ball in the middle of your insurance sales funnel? Let’s talk about nurturing.

March 27, 2017 . 3 minute read | Posted by Aaron sales

Most agents I talk to are very focused on 1) getting leads, and 2) closing sales. Makes sense – that’s where the money comes from. In reality, though, most sales don’t go from lead directly to sale. There’s almost always something in the middle of the sales funnel.

In between new lead and sale is nurturing. Nurturing keeps you top of mind, builds trust, and positions you to be the first choice when a prospect is ready to buy. A good nurture program is a highly effective way to increase your revenue.

Nurturing is important in other ways, too. It maintains relationships with past customers and prospects so they come to you first each time they need something. It shows recent customers that you are there for the long term, not just looking to make a quick buck off them. And, it helps with referrals , because people remember you, are continually reminded of the value you provide, and are confident that you will do the same for their friends and family.

So what does a good nurture program look like?

First, effective nurturing is consistent. This is something you need to do over the long term, at a regular interval.

Second, effective nurturing is focused on your contacts’ needs, not yours. Pushing products or quotes is not effective nurturing because it’s focused on your agenda.

Third, effective nurturing adds value. Identify and share or create content that helps your audience. Don’t be afraid to go beyond insurance – a great cleaning tip or local restaurant recommendation could be more helpful than information on the latest life insurance policy.

How do you do nurturing?

Lucky for us, technology gives us two great platforms for nurturing. The first is a monthly email newsletter, and the second is social media. Make sure you are building an email list of your contacts, referral sources, and customers and send them a useful email newsletter once a month. Then, connect with your audience on social media and share content there that you think they will like.

Need help with the middle of your funnel?

Effective nurturing is time consuming. And even though it will deliver you with lasting value, it can be hard to get started or keep up. If you’re interested improving your business through better nurturing but don’t have the time (or aren’t sure where to start), send us a note and let’s talk.