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Video 7 – Adding a Signature to Your Email

February 8th, 2011 Posted by akassover in EmailTechnologyVideos

Here are instructions on adding signatures to AgentMethods webmail and other email programs.   Transcript:   Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from Read More
Transcript:   Hi, this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I wanted to talk to today just for a few minutes about something called URLs, which you might have heard being mentioned.  URLs are kind of a geeky topic, but there is some important vocabulary here, and I think it’s something that’s...
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Have a question about your insurance website? Let me know what you want to talk about in future videos in the comments. Transcript:   Hi, this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  The past couple of days, we’ve talked a lot about doing some keyword...
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Here’s the Keyword Research Spreadsheet I mentioned that will calculate a weighted ranking based on search volume and competition. Transcript:   Hi, this is Aaron Kassover from Read More
Transcript:   Hi, this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I talk to a lot of you about getting your site to search to show up in search engines better.  So I want to take a few minutes today to talk about some ways you can do some research to see if a...
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Here are a few videos on YouTube explaining insurance-related topics:
Transcript:  Hi; this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I talk to agents like you everyday about online marketing in your website and search engines, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, really all of the things that go into generating your business, generating business through the...
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National P&C carriers have multi-million dollar advertising budgets. The results are some very high quality commercials. So how does a local agent with a limited budget compete? Easy: turn the small production budget into a strength by leveraging humor, using a  simple production approach and... Read More

Get listed on AgentNavigator’s Directory

January 20th, 2011 Posted by akassover in Links

AgentNavigator.com launched recently to create a comprehensive online reference for insurance agents. It’s an ambitious goal and their work so far has been impressive. Today, they announced that they are adding an insurance agent directory to... Read More
Have you done a search for the type of insurance you sell in your region lately? Something like “ washington state health insurance quotes“? If not, take a minute to go to... Read More
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