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Why is a good headshot so important?

March 9th, 2016 Posted by Dvora in insurance-websites

A picture says 1000 words. This is especially true on your website, your business Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and anywhere else online clients and prospects will see your picture. So, if your photo looks less than... Read More
There’s an old adage in marketing that a prospect needs to hear your marketing message or get exposure to your brand seven times before they’re convinced to take action. In other words, repetition doesn’t just work, it’s a requirement.... Read More
Imagine having a team of online marketing experts at your fingertips. What would that mean to your insurance sales? It’s here -- our Online Concierge service providing insurance agents and agencies with a consistent and... Read More

2015 - A year in review

December 30th, 2015 Posted by Dvora in agentmethods

It has been a busy year here at AgentMethods, so it’s hard to believe 2015 is almost over. It was a year filled with enhancements to our AgentMethods platform and a year for major growth. Most important, you played the biggest part,... Read More
Your new insurance website is live and people are visiting your site. On each page of your site, prospects have the opportunity to email you with... Read More
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” — John Wanamaker, Department Store Owner (1838 - 1922) We know the feeling - marketing can be a bit of a mystery. When you launch a direct mail campaign or email blast, more often than not you are left... Read More
Since 2001 the number of Americans with Internet access grew from nearly half the U.S. population to roughly 85%. As a result, the number of people searching the web for information or shopping online has increased exponentially. What does this mean for the insurance industry? Read More
Want to generate leads cost-effectively? We've already seen how much medicare lead costs can vary by state if you are using pay-per-click to generate traffic. In Part II of our infographic series, we're looking at life insurance. It terms out that not only do life insurance pay-per-click costs... Read More

You have a new insurance website. Now what?

August 11th, 2015 Posted by Dvora in websites

5 simple steps to promoting your insurance website For many agents with new or existing insurance websites, the first question they ask us is “how do I make sure that my clients and prospects will find my insurance... Read More
As an insurance agent, you need every competitive edge you can get to generate affordable insurance leads. If you sell remotely, you can focus on any state in which you have a license. It turns out that when it comes to generating leads online via pay-per-click, not all states are equally. The... Read More
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