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Conversion rate. The secret to getting more leads from your insurance website

January 30th, 2017Posted by Aaron in leads, landing pages, conversion rate

Are you getting traffic to your insurance website but aren’t seeing the leads you’d hoped for? There are a number of reasons why this might be happening. Just to name a few - it could be customers looking for your phone number, prospects “checking up on you” before or after a meeting, existing customers reading your blog… But it also might be a problem with your site’s con…

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Insurance Agents, Don’t Make These 7 Common SEO Mistakes

December 19th, 2016Posted by Dvora in SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, methods are constantly changing. Not only is this because of new search engine developments but also changes in how users are interacting online. We know it’s not easy to stay on top of the latest SEO changes, but there are some mistakes that you can avoid. By addressing these mistakes, you will help improve your site’s ranking.

1. Choosing the Wrong Keyword…

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Here’s the Prospect that’s 12x More Likely To Buy From You

October 25th, 2016Posted by Dvora in Customers

As business owners, we all want to grow our companies. We want to close new business with more sales. And it turns out, there’s a clearly identified group of prospects that are as much as 12 times more likely to buy from you. Who are these hot prospects? Simple: people who have bought from you in the past.

And it gets even better - a sale from an existing customers costs 1/5th the amount of a new customer,…

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Five Suggestions to Get More Leads From Your Insurance Website

September 13th, 2016Posted by Dvora in Insurance Websites, Leads

Getting leads for your insurance business is critical. Building a solid email list organically is one of the best things you can do reinforce your relationship with your clients and prospects. And, one of the best ways to build your email list is through your insurance website.

Why is this email list so important? Because once you have this email list you can send regular …

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Social Media Best Practices to Keep in Mind When Getting Ready to Post

August 15th, 2016Posted by Dvora in Insurance Websites

1. Keep Your Posts Short and Sweet

Reading online is a very different experience from reading a book, newspaper or magazine. Most people actually just scan information online. This is especially true for social media posts. So, the shorter posts the better they are for the way people engage with social media.

Here are some guidelines for keeping it short and simple.

Four Quick Ways to Improve Your Insurance Website

July 20th, 2016Posted by Dvora in Insurance Websites

Now that you have an insurance website, how often do you tweak or review it? How often do you look at it and think what can I do to make it better. I know you’re busy but think about carving out a half or so every few weeks to tweak your website.

To get you started here are four ideas for tweaking your insurance website.

  1. Review your home page copy to see what changes you should make to pers…

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Do You Have Clients or Customer? And, Why Does it Matter

June 28th, 2016Posted by Dvora in Insurance Sales

With the increasing number of online insurance quoting tools and insurance sales portals, you may be wondering why it makes a difference if you consider your insurance prospects clients or customers.

Well, it does make a difference…a big difference! When we think of customers, we think of one-time transactional sales. When we think of clients, we think of long-term relationships that take time to cultivate, but once estab…

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Want your insurance business to thrive? Know your niche.

June 23rd, 2016Posted by Aaron in Insurance Sales

For all practical purposes, travel agents died years ago. With the launch of online travel booking there’s no longer much of a reason to call up the local agent to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel room. So they’ve all gone out of business, right? Wrong.

While there are only about a third the number of travel agents today as there were at the peak (mid-90’s), they still account for $95 billion in revenue. And those that r…

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How to Get Your New Insurance Website Indexed In Google FAST

May 23rd, 2016Posted by Aaron in SEO

You’ve got a great new insurance website! Congratulations - it looks fantastic. Now, you just need to get people to it. It’s harder than it sounds. Fortunately, search engines are here to help. While optimizing your site for search engines is an ongoing process, you can still get your sites added to their index right away.

Google does a good job of discovering new sites… eventually. We’ve found ther…

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